Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
February 5, 2008
Contributers: Tom Wilson, K.J. Jones Photos By: Tom Wilson, K.J. Jones

Offering a pair of clutches designed to handle King of the Street power levels, McLeod [(714) 630-2764;] showed off its RST (good for 800 hp) and RSX (good for 1,000 hp) twin-disc clutch setups. They promise light pedal effort and smooth engagement.

Gotta love those Aussies: They're goofy for cars and still build the oddball stuff big American companies can't afford to. To wit, Morrison Motorsport ( was showing a short-runner cross-ram intake for high-rpm 302 and 351 fans. A hefty $6,500 U.S., the intake is sold mechanically complete, but with no engine management parts.

Loaded with new gear for Mustangs, the Mr. Gasket ( group of companies offered new ignition coils for the Three-Valve 4.6 from ACCEL and valvesprings for the Three-Valve from Manley. For the carbureted crowd, Mallory's new MaxFire distributor with a build capacitive-discharge ignition was shown.

Besides new Blaster coils for '05-'07 Three-Valve Mustangs, MSD [(915) 857-5200;] showed off a new Ford Launch Master (PN 8734). It's a two-step rev limiter for coil-on-plug Fords that allows you to hold the launch rpm steady until you're ready to let it rip.

If you'd like to convert your '96-'08 Mustang's taillights to have the cool sequential look, Mustang Project [(800) 631-0507;] showed off a direct-replacement sequential LED conversion. According to the company, this kit requires no permanent modifications to the stock wiring harness, and the lights are redder, clearer, and last forever.

Say goodbye to the boxes and gauges that were once a must for controlling and monitoring nitrous activity. This new Progressive Nitrous Controller or "P-Gauge" (PN 15535; $399) from Nitrous Express [(940) 767-7694;] features all the functions of a full-on, progressive nitrous controller, including multi-point ramping and multiple inputs and outputs in a 21/16-inch package that's perfect for a stealth fit and function in a juiced 'Stang. We aren't the only ones who think highly of this new technology from NX, as the P-Gauge received props from SEMA as the "Best Performance Street Product" at the show.

Offering radiator and electric fan combinations for Fox Mustangs was Northern High Performance Products (

Another OBD II gauge from PLX Devices [(408) 745-7591;] is the DM-200 Intelligent Multifunction Display. It allows you to display up to 50 different parameters, including rpm, boost, fuel pressure, air flow, fuel trim, error codes, and much more. PLX also offers a wideband air/fuel gauge, a datalogger, and other gear.