Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
February 5, 2008
Contributers: Tom Wilson, K.J. Jones Photos By: Tom Wilson, K.J. Jones

Although Aeromotive's [(913) 647-7300;] new Dual-Action Adjustable Fuel Log (PN 14201) didn't win a SEMA award in 2007 (the company's carburetor float-bowl sensor scored Best Engineered New Product honors in 2005), we think the latest development for the carburetor crowd is cool and deserves its due in our report. The fuel log features a ball-and-socket-style design that allows AN -10 inlet fittings to pivot and adjust +/-20 degrees for greater clearance of obstructions on or around the carb such as linkage, regulator, or gauge.

The market for taking the Shelby GT 500 beyond its already potent beginnings seems as strong as ever. As it did for the Terminator Cobras, AFCO [(800) 632-2320;] now offers a direct-replacement, double-pass heat exchanger ($389) for the GT 500, which reportedly improves the cooling area of the stock heat exchange by a whopping 300 percent. Likewise, AFCO's sister company Dynatech now offers a stainless steel header system ($1,795) for the GT 500. It includes 17/8-inch long-tube headers and a 3-inch X-shape crossover with Power Cats. AFCO promise gains up to 45 hp with the system.

We found several cool 'Stang parts and heard an exciting piece of news at Agent 47 Competition Product's [(760) 496-3809;] booth. The company introduced its lightweight, carbon shifter arm/knob (PN A47cfsak; $159) for '05-and-up Mustangs, as well as NACA-duct-style panels (PN A47rwd; $189) that replace the rear-quarter windows on S197s. The panels are cool--literally--as they're gateways to directing cool air to the driver, brakes, differential cooler, and so on. On the news front, Agent 47 is now offering turnkey, race-prepped Mustangs. That's right: "The Hunter" is the company's special-edition, street-legal 'Stang that's chock full of serious race goodies (legal for NHRA and NASA American Iron) as well as cool performance and appearance accessories from Agent 47's catalog.

Integrating iPods and other aftermarket gear with factory head units is big business these days, and AI [(800) 336-6500;] is offering a Ford-compatible plug-and-play iPod interface dubbed the Neucleus. The company also offers a line of installation kits, and wiring adapters.

ATI Performance Products' [(800) 284-3433;] new Super Pulley is for engines sporting standard or reverse-rotation ProCharger P1, D1, F1, F2, and F3 superchargers. We think it's a great step in a new direction for a company that's better known for its high-performance transmissions, converters, and harmonic balancers (dampers). Superior Sprag Technology in this 45-tooth cog (PN 916195-45) allows it to release when the blower's rpm is higher than the engine's revs--between shifts in a stick car, for example. The pulley's ability to freewheel reduces wear and tear on the blower and your wallet, as it keeps expensive belts from snapping if you're on and off the gas

Bassforms offers a direct-fit, fiberglass subwoofer enclosure for the S197 Mustang [(877) 464-2326;]. Available to fit the left (BF210STANG L) and right (BF210STANG R) sides of the trunk, the $399.95 enclosures will house a 10-inch sub.

Darryl Bassani and crew already have the Mustang covered nine ways to Sunday with its line of exhaust products. A relatively new offering in its SEMA display was the company's Street Race mufflers. They offer the design and growl of Bassani's [(866) 782-3283;] race mufflers with the durability of its street parts.

A newcomer to the Mustang world, BDL Industries ( debuted its new Ford Mustang fuel rail kit at SEMA. The rails are machined out of 6061 T6 and are available in nine different colors.

Eliminating pad drag is The Brake Man's [(805) 987-7867;] claim to fame. This is done in the Tornado series calipers, which are available for a host of Ford applications, including our favorite Mustang GT and SVT Focus. They're also available for race cars, as Ernesto Rocco, the NASA American Iron Extreme champion, runs them. The Brake Man offers calipers, street and race pads, and caliper/rotor kits.