Michael Johnson Associate Editor
May 20, 2007
Contributers: K.J. Jones Photos By: K.J. Jones

NANO [(866) 380-6266; www.nano-nitrous.com] makes this cool, nitrogen-based insurance policy against performance losses due to changing bottle pressures and nitrous temperatures. The Nitrous Oxide Management System adds full-time bottle pressure to a nitrous system and provides the kind of consistency that's crucial for maximizing the horsepower potential of your nitrous unit.

If nitrous oxide is your power adder of choice, check out Nitrous Express' [(940) 767-7694; www.nitrousexpress.com] new '05-and-up Mustang GT plate system, featuring its Phase 3 Spraybarless technology. The plate bolts between the upper plenum and the intake, and the kit is available with 50-150hp jetting. All wiring, solenoids, and nitrous lines are included, and the system is available with or without a bottle.

Proving its range, Nitto Tire (www.nitto-tire.com) had a full gamut of performance tires on display, as well as a few cars showing the fitment possibilities. Nitto had a Steeda Autosports road racer and John Urist's NMRA Super Street Outlaw championship car in its booth. Both cars were proudly wearing Nitto's latest in tire technology for the road course and dragstrip. Of course, the display wouldn't be complete without the company's line of street tires and Extreme Drag radials.

In case you didn't think the Mustang market was popular, OX [(877) 694-7699; www.ox-usa.com] brings its line of 8.8 differentials and covers. OX got its start in the off-roading community, but has ventured into our neck of the woods with a locker differential and rearend cover. The pair comes as a package, and although the cover you see here is made from billet aluminum, production items will most likely be made from forged or cast aluminum to keep weight down.

Not that Fox-body distributors have a high replacement rate, but when you need an upgrade, it's always good to have options. Performance Distributors [(901) 396-5782; www.performancedistributors.com] has two 5.0 distributors available. The first is a stock-replacement-style unit with a full-length, oil-impregnated bushing to replace the factory distributor's weak upper bushing. Performance Distributors uses a Motorcraft housing for this unit, but if you want even more performance, check out its billet distributor. Both units feature a brass terminal cap and rotor, a Performance Distributors' Dyna Module, and a steel gear for use with factory-style roller camshafts.

The performance-parts parade marches on with help from Performance Automatic [(301) 963-8078; www.performanceauto-matic.com], which unveiled two new, SFI-approved, 164-tooth flexplates for small-block Fords. The first plate, available in 0-, 28-, or 50-ounce balance weights, is a trick deal that's drilled with multiple bolt patterns (10.5-, 11.5-inch, and GM), allowing use of either a Ford C4 or GM Turbo 350/400/Powerglide transmission and torque converter. PA's Harvey Baker also showed us the company's new flexplate for Cobra-crank-equipped (eight bolts instead of six) modular 'Stangs that utilize the 5R55 tranny.

Underdrive pulleys have been popular for several years, but now Pro/Race Performance Products [(800) 977-0767; www.pro-race.com] is offering an underdrive damper that features a 25-percent underdrive, bonded harmonic damper. It's all steel and is available separate or with a complete underdrive pulley kit. Dyno testing at Livernois Motorsports resulted in a 13hp gain on an '05 Mustang GT. The kit features a damper, water pump pulley, new crank bolt, alternator bracket bolt, and installation bolt.

A popular manufacturer on the street and drag Mustang scene is RPS Performance Products [(818) 993-9174; www.turboclutch.com]. Its Ultra Light Carbon Twin Friction clutch package includes an aluminum pressure plate to reduce weight. The wear surface features carbon/carbon material, which is similar to F1 and Top Fuel brakes; the pressure-plate side of the clutch disk uses the same material. RPS leaves ceramic material on the flywheel side because the pressure plate and that side of the clutch endure more wear than the flywheel side. These materials eliminate the glaze associated with conventional ones, meaning the clutch will last longer and withstand more abuse. Furthermore, the carbon/carbon material stands up to temperatures exceeding 1,400 degrees. These clutches are available for six- and eight-bolt crankshaft Mustangs, in both Two- and Four-Valve form.