Michael Johnson Associate Editor
May 20, 2007
Contributers: K.J. Jones Photos By: K.J. Jones

EMP Stewart brings more for mod motors [(906) 233-3505; www.stewartcomponents.com]. These water pumps for '96-'01 and '01-'04 Mustangs were inspired by famed 4.6-engine maven, Sean Hyland. They fill the void for high-performance water pumps for Two- and Four-Valve engines. Each unit requires less than 3 hp to turn, and they're available with either long or short snouts for use with factory or underdrive pulleys.

Probably not a household name yet, Electromotive Engine Controls [(703) 331-0100; www.directignition.com] cranks out new products for a variety of automotive applications. Its TEC3 line of engine management systems received a revision to TEC3R standards, which does the job of the TEC3 standard system and its 6/12 operating system. The TEC3R also incorporates Electromotive's XDI starting circuitry. The TEC3 line is an integrated engine management system and direct ignition control.

The high rpm of supercharging and big-time spring pressures needed for fast-lift cams are no match for Jesel's [(732) 901-1800; www.jesel.com] new double-roller, overhead-cam followers. These billet aluminum rockers feature needle-bearing rollers on the cam and valve tip. They eliminate the scrubbing and galling that's common to OEM followers under severe conditions, and can be used with either the factory hydraulic lash posts or Jesel's solid posts.

Naturally, this company's name was enough to attract our Tech Editor, but it was really this cool assortment of small-block Ford accessory brackets that drew us to Jones Racing Products' [(610) 847-2028; www.jonesracingproducts.com] PRI display. The billet-aluminum brackets are lightweight, and the alternator bracket is perfect for the 5.0 racer who wants to run his 'Stang with an alternator without the bulk and weight of the factory bracket. The bracket holds a 130A, 3G alternator with no problem.

PRI offered the debut of these long-tube Shelby GT 500 headers by Kooks Custom Headers [(866) 586-KOOK; www.kookscustomheaders.com]. Papa Kook, Kook Jr., and George R. are the guys responsible for these 131/44-inch headers and 3-inch X-shape crossover for the new Super 'Stangs. This exhaust is built from 304 stainless steel and designed for producing maximum horsepower and torque from Shelby's supercharged 5.4.

Mostly known for its water pumps, Meziere [(800) 208-1755; www.meziere.com] showed off a new line of starters and a transmission cooler at the PRI show. The company makes starters for small- and big-block Fords with a 164-tooth flywheel in traditional and adjustable mount to achieve precise gear mesh. The transmission cooler is initially available for Powerglide transmissions, and it comes with an oil pan designed with water passages from a Meziere water pump to cool the transmission fluid, thus keeping your transmission cooler.

A major player in the Mustang performance niche, McLeod Industries [(714) 630-2764; www.mcleodind.com] had its new T56 bellhousing and Twin Disc clutch at PRI. It's a street-type, high-performance clutch rated for 900 hp. We've driven several Mustangs with it and can vouch for its streetability and performance. The new T56 bellhousing is part of McLeod's modular program in that it's available with a variety of spacer plates, allowing the ability to bolt a T56 to many different Ford engines, such as the FE, 351M, and 400M engines. Of course, McLeod has the spacers to mate a T56 with our favorite engines, the 5.0/5.8 small-blocks and the 4.6/5.4 modulars.