Michael Johnson Associate Editor
May 20, 2007
Contributers: K.J. Jones Photos By: K.J. Jones

There seems to be a surge in bolt-on rear suspension trickery for '79-'93 Mustangs, and we appreciate companies that are keeping Fox technology alive. Chassis Engineering [(561) 863-2188; www.chassisengineering.com] showed off its new Advantage Mustang Traction System. It's a no-welding-needed collection of upper/lower control arms, an antiroll bar, and Strange Engineering adjustable coilover shocks. The system is designed to optimize hook-and-go for street/strip Mustangs.

We brought news of Classic Tube's [(800) 882-3711; www.classictube.com] '05 Mustang stainless steel braided brake hoses from the '05 show, but this year the hoses were aimed toward the '07 Shelby GT 500. These stainless steel braided brake hoses stay true with no expansion within the brake hose, which causes inconsistent brake performance. That's the last thing we need for the GT 500.

Probably the most popular engine-bearing manufacturer, Clevite Engine Parts' (www.engineparts.com) new catalog with new part numbers across several automotive lines made its debut at PRI. In the Ford realm, the big deal is a new line of Windsor-based engine bearings. Also, Clevite told us about two new enthusiast Web sites accessible via the company's Web site: motorheadheaven.com and askclevite.com. The latter is a 24/7 tech question site. The former features an E-learning section to educate people on mechanical goings-on.

It's always cool to see new performance goodies for 4.6 Two-Valve modulars. Cloyes [(479) 484-5555; www.cloyes.com] showed off this sweet, adjustable timing chain kit for '96-'04 Two-Valves. The 4.6 Performance Kit includes new tensioners and guides, as well as adjustable cam sprockets, an upgraded steel crank sprocket, and fine-finish timing chains. This setup allows for +/- 12 degrees of timing changes-a big deal when boost or spray levels are high or when maximum performance from your all-motor modular is the only acceptable option.

To expand its line of roller rocker applications, Comp Cams [(901) 795-2400; www.compcams.com] had these new shaft-mount roller rockers at PRI. Made from 2024 aluminum riding on an 8620 hardened steel shaft, the shaft-mount rockers are built to withstand high rpm, but also promise a specially designed oiling system to assure consistent oil flow from the pushrod cup to the shaft bearings and roller tip. Comp's shaft-mount rockers are designed to deliver valvetrain stability and performance.

Currie [(714) 528-6957; www.currieenterprises.com] brings the S197 'Stang even closer to its OG roots with this 9-inch rear-end upgrade. With Currie's 9-Plus heavy-duty housing as its foundation, the upgrade includes big-bearing housing ends, jig-mounted factory brackets, and Currie performance axles. The thing we find cool is that this upgrade allows retention of the OEM rear disc brakes and all ABS equipment. This could be the ultimate rear for any big-horsepower '05-'07 Pony.

Diamond Pistons [(877) 552-2112; www.diamondpistons.com] brings a welcome relief to Two- and Four-Valve mod motors in the form of these cool, dished pistons. What's different? Check out the deep valve reliefs in these slugs. Valve pockets such as these are perfect for higher-lift cams, which are making their way into the powerplants of more and more New Edge GTs and '03-'04 Cobras.