April 28, 2007

We have a love/hate relationship with the NMRA World Finals at Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We love it because it's probably the most popular NMRA race of the year. Everyone's there, and racers are loaded for action knowing they won't race again for a while. For that reason, records are in major jeopardy, and most racers probably don't get sleep. They're up all night working on their junk after blowing it up on the track. That makes for exciting racing. We hate the World Finals because it means the NMRA season is over, another year is gone, winter's coming, and we're a year older. Mix all those together and you can imagine the dislike, an ever-so-slight amount of contempt, we have for one of our favorite races.

Another reason racers go for broke at Beech Bend is championships are on the line. People turn it up to qualify at their best and set records to help gain points. Only a couple of classes were sewn up at the '06 finals, so that made for fast times, on-the-bumper launches, a lot of breakage, and a few accidents. Check it out.