Patrick Hill Associate Editor
November 26, 2006

To all of the citizens of 5.0 Nation, the best magazine for 5.0L and Blue Oval fanatics is going to be bringing you live coverage of the 2006 SEMA Show from the Las Vegas Convention Center. We'll be posting daily on show happenings, new/interesting products, and scores of other great Mustang/Ford related stuff going on at SEMA. All you'll have to do is click on one of the links below to take you to the day's coverage.

Along with that, we'll also be posting daily galleries from events going on during the show, and returning again this year will be our Babes of SEMA coverage! That's right, we'll have plenty of pics of the smoking hot ladies that roam the floor of the SEMA show drawing attention to the latest performance hardware in the business.

So, stay tuned to the 5.0 website, and watch for posts about the great things going on at SEMA. Just as a reminder, we'll be on west coast time for the event, so all of our loyal citizens on the east coast and central time zones will be sitting down to dinner as the show is wrapping up.



It's day one of the 2006 SEMA show, and so far we've seen some spectacular things. The show car population is dominated by S197 Mustangs, and just about everyone's got something for Ford's hot pony car. Check out below for a new product we spotted that 5.0 Nation will be excited about, plus some pics of the mouth watering babes and Mustangs we've seen so far!

We spotted this hot new turbo set-up for three-valve 4.6s in the Granatelli Motorsports booth. The impressive looking, intercooled turbo system features the latest in turbo technology. During testing, horsepower gains between 150 to over 300 horsepower have been seen! (Depending on boost levels). Also installed on this motor are Granatelli's hot new three-valve coil packs.