Patrick Hill Associate Editor
July 25, 2006
Since it's debut in the fall of 2004, Mustang fanatics have beenanxiously waiting for that little cobra emblem on the fenders of theS197.

Since the first concept cars were shown to the public, the Mustang worldhas been in a frenzy over the new GT500. Sporting an iron-block 5.4LDOHC blown engine and special Shelby inspired/designed components,enthusiasts have been waiting for this car like hormone crazed teenagerswaiting for prom night.

Associate Editor Johnson and I got a chance to drive this venom lacedpony, and it left us wanting more. From Johnson laying an 80-ft.signature on the Legends Field parking lot, to myself hitting tripledigits for speed on the streets of Tampa, the whole experience left ussalivating. With the chance Editor Supremo Steve Turner might be buyingone, we can't wait to get some more experience with the GT500, and seejust how much it's capable of. Check out the photos below!

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