March 7, 2006

Everyone can rejoice, the new racing season is upon us! The crack staff at 5.0, knowing how lustful and hot-to-trot 5.0 Nation can be after a long winter of no racing, is going to be posting daily pictures from the 2006 Nitto Nationals, so those unfortunate souls who can't attend will see some of the hot action and awesome sights in-between the Florida orange groves.

Keeping checking every day for our latest postings, and if you're going to the event, guys bring out your ladies, and ladies look hot so you can catch the eye of our photographers and get yourself seen on the 5.0 website and in the pages of 5.0 magazine! Oh, and there'll be some cars racing there as well!

When you reach the end of this page, click at the bottom to see all the pics from Day 2 of the 2006 NMRA Nitto Nationals!



There's still more to see when you reach the end of this page! Click on "next" below to see pictures from Day 3 of the 2006 NMRA Nitto Nationals!