Patrick Hill Associate Editor
August 17, 2005
Photos By: Mark Houlahan
We got a sneak peak inside the shop at Year One, and Overhaulin' andRides producer Bud Brutsman's in-progress '69 Mustang. The car willfeature a four-cam Cobra motor with a blower and an '05 Mustang dashwith my color gauges. The body gets the magic touch of the Year Onestaff and Chip Foose.

As the new guy in the Primedia Tampa office, I get my share of "breakingin" assignments. But when 5.0&SF El Supremo Steve Turner asked me totravel to Georgia to cover the '05 Year One Experience at Road Atlantaand Atlanta Dragway, I was pumped. Year Onehref=""TARGET="_new" based in Braselton, Georgia, is a leading supplier of high-quality restoration and performance parts,and I had heard that the annual event--held simultaneously at RoadAtlanta and Atlanta Dragway this year--was chock full of fun.

Each year at the company's events, guest editors, publishers, andindustry VIP's vote for the vehicle they find most worthy to receive thecoveted Year One Cup, along with a $5,000 gift certificate for Year Oneproducts. Although the cup went to a vehicle with a bowtie on it(again, gag), second went to Michael Hyde and his beautifully restored'70 Boss 302 Mustang. Second and Third place get special awards and$1,000 certificates for Year One products.

Year One's event isn't just a great place for car enthusiasts, with allbadges being represented, but has fun and events for people of all ages. While the grown-ups could ogle vintage Detroit steel, the kids couldenjoy the bouncy-house, rock climbing wall, slot-car track, and otherfun activities. (Patrick was forcibly removed due to his sharingissues--Ed.)

Here, Bud shows Mark Houlahan, the new big boss of Mustang & Fords, someof the Chip Foose concept and design drawings for Bud's Mustang. Theproject came about after Bud's neighbor, Christopher Titus, questionedhis appointment as the King of Car TV. Look's like Bud'sdefinitely gonna silence any critics with this car.

Because the '05 event ran at both Road Atlanta and Atlanta Dragwayparticipants could run both courses. For those wanting to run the roadcourse, you could go for a ride in a Panoz GT race car for a hot lap, orif you wanted to pilot your own vehicle, you could go for a parade lapat highway speeds to test your skill. Over the three-day weekend, 2,000miles of parade laps were run and every slot for the hot laps was full.

While the corner carvers had a blast up the street, the 1,320 bunchfilled Atlanta Dragway with the smell of burnt rubber and tractioncompound all weekend. Participants could make free passes down theAtlanta quarter-mile. So many cars made runs that the Year One stafflost count. Amazing considering Friday was a washout with rain. Inelimination action, Baron Yarber of Meadowview, Virginia, took topeliminator in the True Street class with his '88 Mustang, running a 9.54at 141.66 mph.

Overall, the late model Mustang showing was great, and next year werehoping for an even bigger turnout from the Fox and SN-95 crowd. Plus,for '06, maybe a Blue Oval can break the Bowtie stranglehold on tophonors.

This year's event was held in April, and the weather gave us everythingit had, literally. Friday started with warm sunshine and pleasantbreezes, then turned to black clouds and heavy thunderstorms. Saturdaywas a cool down, with temps in the 50s and a breeze cold enough to makeice. Sunday started with snow flurries that eventually led to sunshineand pleasant late spring weather. From cool cars to hot products toracing action, this event has everything a car nut could want. Nextyear's experience should be even bigger and better.