August 10, 2005

You probably read about last year's King of the Street contest (May '05issue, King of the Street, pgs. 70-87), and thought your car made morepower than those cars, right? Well whether you did or not, the goal ofour King of the Street competition is not to pick the most powerfulMustang, rather to see which Mustang can put the most power down to thechassis dyno rollers and still maintain streetable civility. That meansyou get positive grades for an instant cold start, a stable idle,working A/C, and a booming stereo, while we deduct grades for manualsteering, a non-overdrive tranny, a spool, and other race hardware. Weare looking for the most streetable, powerful Mustang in the country.

So help us out, will you? The first step is putting together anapplication package. We'd like to see a few photos of the car, includingthe engine, as well as a list of the car's modifications andaccomplishments (dyno sheets, timeslips, etc.). From those stacks ofcars, we'll narrow it down to 10 or so lucky contestants to square offon the same day on the same chassis dyno. Even more grueling will be thedrivability test with Associate Editor Mike "The Splitter" Johnsonbehind the wheel of your muscle-bound street warrior. (Keep scrolling down for more info)

Still not scared? Well, get those packages or emails together in a hurry. We need your application by September 2, so we can give you sufficient notice to make your travel plans. That's because we're planning to have KOTS '05 Friday September 30, the day before the NMRA World Finals in Bowling Green, Kentucky (for more info, check out, even if aren't invited to participate, you can watch the event unfold at Beech Bend Raceway Park. Send your apps to: KOTS 4, 9036 Brittany Way, Tampa, FL 33619