June 2, 2005

Hard Luck Racers

Word quickly spread at the World Ford Challenge in St. Louis that SammyVincent's house burned down while at WFC8. His family was not injured,but the house was a loss. Mrs. Vincent had things under control and gaveorders for Sammy to keep racing and win the $15,000 top prize.

Followingthe event, we learned of Brit Floyd's trailer fire that cost him hisentire racing program-a bad break for the man who won this year's Racin'Jason Memorial Award and is a true ambassador for the Pro 5.0 class.

Check out the forums at href="http://www.nmraracing.com/"TARGET="_new">www.nmraracing.com or href="http://www.funfordevents.com/"TARGET="_new">www.funfordevents.com and do a search on either driver's name for links to special PayPalaccounts that have been set up to collect donations for bothracers.

While racing at World Ford Challenge 8, Sam Vincent's house caught fire. Sam's family was thankfully alright but the house was a total loss.
Brit Floyd had his car trailer catch fire and burn to the ground, destroying his whole racing operation.

Any donations for Sam Vincent can also be sent to :

Samuel & Michelle Vincent

5980 Rt 175 South

Graham, KY 42344

--Dr. Jamie Meyer