Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
May 24, 2005

Drag Week

Occasionally, the guys over at Hot Rod magazine quit working on their 32non-running cars and actually come up with great automotive ideas. ThePump Gas Drags was awesome, even though the Mustang turnout was a littledisappointing for us here at 5.0&SF magazine. However, Drag Week, thelatest event to come from the brilliant Hot Rod minds promises to be ahuge hit, and an even bigger automotive performance challenge. Drag Weekconsists of traveling from drag strip to drag strip throughout theMidwest the week of September 11th-16th. The tricky part, and the partthat will separate the players from the posers, is that the car must bedriven to each track; not trailered. Plus, no trailers or supportvehicles are allowed. However, you can pull a trailer with your Mustangloaded with any spare parts, tools, and supplies, but again, you have tohaul the trailer with your Mustang so it's not advisable to carry aspare 408 Windsor just in case you blow up your junk.

To get moreinformation on Hot Rod magazine's Drag Week, see it's June or Julyissues, or check out its Web site at, and go to themessage boards to join in some friendly smack talk. To register, call(877) 413-6515. Any way you look at it, we know there are a ton of Mustangs out there that are perfect for this type of competition so get your Mustang tuned up and ready for some serious street action and dragstrip competition.--Mike Johnson