Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
March 1, 2005
Contributers: Michael Johnson Photos By: Michael Johnson

Maybe it's the history. Bowling Green was the site of the first World Ford Challenge, which began a resurgence of Ford racing. Of course, it could be the down-home facility with plenty of room and plum feature-car spots. But, it's likely because Bowling Green is home to the NMRA World Finals that we so look forward to visiting each year. Not because it's the last race, but because we know there will be a horde of racers and spectators, and the racers will be laying it all on the line to make the Top 10 and carry positive momentum into the next season.

With all the expectations going into such a race, it would seem ripe for disappointment. Yet we've never left Kentucky feeling disappointed, especially not in 2004. Yes there were several championships already locked up going into the race, yet several classes, like our beloved Real Street, were still up in the air. In the end, 11 champions prevailed, four records fell, a championship ring debuted, and the anticipation began for next season. Check out the captions for the behind-the-scenes story on who got lucky in Kentucky.