Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
December 1, 2004
Photos By: Dale Amy

For a change, the only weather concern we had at Joliet was putting on enough sunblock. Plagued with bad weather this season, the NMRA needed a bit of good luck coming into the premier facility on its schedule. Even with a history of bad weather at the inaugural race, we had a feeling this year's installment was gonna be a dandy. After all, this facility rocks, and the Midwest is a veritable hotbed for heads-up street-car racing. Fortunately, it all came together to become the best race of the season so far.

As if to live up to the slogan on the tower, five records were broken at Joliet. Don Walsh Jr., Jim Blair, Charlie Booze Jr., and Philip Clemmons all took advantage of great air and a superbly prepped track to lay down great numbers. Most remarkable was Jim Blair's insane 7.50 performance in Outlaw. Yet none of the records should go unappreciated. It was much the same for the track. If your parts could take it, the track could hold. We saw enough wheelstands and broken axles to know the bite was there for everyone. In the end, it was the familiar names taking the wins, but it was a great weekend of hard-fought racing and a fitting way to begin the stretch run to the finals.