Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
November 1, 2004
Photos By: Paul Rosner

As the midpoint of the season, the NMRA's tour stop in Kansas City, Missouri, proved a much cooler race than last season's 100-degree stop in Texas. Unfortunately, the cool air was largely the result of rainy weather pre-ceding the event. The projections called for 30-40 percent every day, and that proved true on Friday, where the wet stuff held off the action until the evening when racers squeezed in a few passes. Saturday didn't look much better, with heavy overcast conditions threatening all day. Still, the action went off without a hitch and finished early, giving racers a chance to sample real KC barbeque at the Aeromotive truck or to visit Weld Racing's open house, at the company's relatively new, 300,000 square-foot facility.

When Sunday rolled around, things looked promising at first, but the clouds quickly rolled in and slowed things down. Shortly after lunchtime, the KCIR crew got the track into shape and started the action. Once the bracket boys put some heat in the track, the heads-up action revved into full gear. Naturally, many of this season's dominant racers played a role in the final rounds, while stars such as Don Walsh Jr. and John Urist returned to top form running ProCharger cars in the blower company's backyard. For more on what happened on June 18-20, read on.