Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
August 1, 2004

Even though it's early in the '04 NMRA season, we're already beginning to see domination in several classes. Vic Williams (Pro 5.0), Jim Blair (Super Street Outlaw), Phillip Clemmons (Drag Radial), Charlie Booze (Hot Street), Kurt Gallant (EFI Renegade), Tim Matherly (Real Street), Gene Hindman (Pure Street), and Bob Cosby (Factory Stock) all recorded consecu-tive races. As a matter of fact, that's all the heads-up classes. At least the Open Comp, Truck and Lightning, and Modular Muscle racers decided to mix it up a little. Otherwise, it would be same story, different race.The weather for the weekend couldn't have been better, with midday temps in the low 70s. A healthy breeze kept most looking for a windbreaker and a dust mask, but as soon as the racing started, you forgot all your problems. Every class was positively flying. How fast, you ask? Check out the captions.