Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
June 1, 2003
Contributers: Michael Johnson Photos By: Steve Turner, Michael Johnson

Every year we Floridians here at 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords world headquarters break out our thermals and heavy jackets (except for Johnson, who barely has any warm clothes) and board a plane for Indianapolis. Why leave 70-degree temps, sunny beaches, and bikinis for temperatures in the single digits (with wind-chill factor) and snow and ice? It's simple, really. We want to see the latest and greatest in the performance marketplace and pass on the information to our readers. If it meant traveling to Arizona in July or Wisconsin in January, we'd still do it.

The PRI show moved to Indianapolis from Columbus, Ohio, a few years ago to make more room for the growing event. If this year's attendance list and the blisters on our feet tell us anything, the PRI show may be looking for another new venue in the near future. Not only were the convention center and RCA dome packed to the gills, but also pre-viously unused storage and staging areas were pressed into duty and filled to max capacity. For us, it meant lots of walking and lots of talking, but we weeded out the new Mustang stuff from the latest in roundy-round gear and packaged it all up for you here.


Off The Notepad
Centerforce: Another product that won't see the light of day until late 2003 is Centerforce's new Sport Compact Focus clutch, which, at the time we spoke to Centerforce, was at least six months away.

Comp Cams: 4.6 Two-Valve cams and springs are now in stock, with 4.6 Four-Valve cams coming soon, we were told.

Energy Suspension: While still down the road a bit, the folks at Energy Suspension told us they are working on a 4.6 motor mount as a cousin to its popular 5.0 offerings.

Meziere: Following up on last year's 5.0 and 4.6 electric water pumps, Meziere is working on a series of Ford small-block water necks. Look for features such as billet CNC housings; leak-free O-rings, sending unit ports, and more.End sidebar


Excessive Use Of Power Department
Now here's what the long, cold, lonely winters of Michigan will do when you're cooped up in a shop with lots of tools, engineers, time, and money. Accurate Technologies Inc.'s ATI Motorsports division took the company checkbook to its nearest Ford dealer and bought a brand-new '02 SVT Focus and '03 SVT Mustang Cobra, yanked the drivetrain out of the Cobra, sprayed it liberally with Crisco, and shoehorned it into the little Focus. We're not talking just the engine and trans-we mean the IRS, the electronics, the brakes-everything-including the kitchen sink-and it all works. With ATI's background in Ford electronics, it was as simple as hooking up a stereo for the likes of us regular guys. Look for a complete feature, as well as power and handling numbers, and more in an upcoming issue.End sidebar