March 1, 2003

One To Watch: Brian Meyer blasted off a season-best 10.14-second pass at Bowling Green. Better watch out for that former Renegade ride in R/S.And don't forget that the number-one and -two guys in Factory Stock-Justin Burcham and Robin Lawrence, respectively-are making the move to Real Street. We have a feeling it's going to be crowded on the Real Street qualifying ladder board in 2003.

Quick Fact: This is the hottest class in NMRA. Everyone wants to plan, build, and then race a Real Street car. Things have become so crazy, even Real Street creator and 5.0&SF editor Steve Turner has constructed a car for this class. To learn more about how to build a car for Real Street, keep reading this magazine. You are a subscriber, right?

Run exclusively at the NMRA, Real Street was designed with significant input from 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords editor Steve Turner to offer the power-assisted street Mustangs a place to strut their stuff. Based on a strict set of rules, items such as solid-roller cams, sheetmetal intakes, and race transmissions will not be allowed. The most limiting aspects of this class are the mandated stock camshaft, the manual-shifted transmissions, and the small slicks or drag radial tires. In eliminations, an all-run field will run on a pro-tree (0.400) NHRA Sportsman ladder.