March 1, 2003

If you want the ultimate in all-motor, no-power-adder madness, then this 10,000-rpm, valve-bending, mind-blowing class is for you. Hot Street is a naturally aspirated class designed for 9- and 10-second small-block '55-up Ford-powered vehicles of all Ford models. Small-block engine sizes can range from 302 to 440 ci with race weights ranging from 2,800 to 3,400 pounds depending on the combination. Rear tire size is limited to 28.6x10.6-inch maximum measured tire. In eliminations, there will be an all-run field run on a pro tree (0.400) NHRA Sportsman ladder.

One to Watch:This is one of the fastest-growing classes in the NMRA. Watch for lots of new cars and new faces as we get closer to the eight-second barrier.

Quick Fact:Aftermarket five-speed manual transmissions are assessed a 250-pound weight penalty in Hot Street. Many teams in this class will test with both manual and automatic transmissions at the lower base weight in an attempt to gain performance with their particular combination.