March 1, 2003

The modular motor was first put in a Mustang in 1996. Since then, sanctioning bodies have offered special modular-specific classes to showcase these amazing cars. The 4.6 Modular Muscle class is run on an Open Comp format, with a two-tenths breakout from an indexed dial-in. In essence, this class combines the precision of bracket racing with the thrill of heads-up racing to create a great atmosphere for the modular racer. All years of modular-powered vehicles will be permitted to race in this class.

One to Watch: If you're looking to see how the latest Ford vehicles perform, watch this class. You'll see '03 Cobras, Mach 1s, Bullitts, Mercury Marauders, and new Mustang GTs duking it out in the quarter-mile in Modular Muscle.

Quick Fact:The first '03 Cobra Shootout ever held was in Bowling Green, Kentucky, at the '02 NMRA World Finals. How fast will this factory supercar run in 2003?

Open CompNMRA Open Comp is based on the popular Open Comp format, which uses a pro-tree start system. Any Ford Mustang, Ford car, or Ford truck is permitted, as long as it is Ford-powered. The minimum e.t. permitted is 9.50. Any vehicles running quicker than 9.50 in qualifying or eliminations will be immediately disqualified. Any modifications, chassis types, vehicle weights, or power adders are permitted. Transbrakes, two-steps, and deep staging are permitted. Delay boxes, crossover boxes, or any reaction-time-related electronic aids are strictly prohibited in the NMRA Open Comp class, topped by champion John Cates in 2002.