Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
December 1, 2002

For its first two years in existence, the Modular Shootout was held at Cecil County Dragway in Rising Sun, Maryland. The storied strip provided an excellent venue from which to start a modular tradition. However, for 2001, race organizer Dave King moved the event to Rockingham, North Carolina, to attract more racers and fans. Unfortunately, the move didn't garner the desired results, forcing Dave to regroup and return the Modular Shootout and All-Ford Extravaganza to its roots at Cecil County for 2002.

Returning to Cecil County rewarded Dave with increased racer and spectator counts. In addition to running Pro Mod, Renegade, Four-Valve Power Adder, Four-Valve Naturally Aspirated, Two-Valve Power Adder, and Two-Valve Naturally Aspirated, new classes for Drag Radial, Power Stroke Diesel, Focus, Lightning bracket, and V-6 Mustang heads-up racing opened up the event to nonmodular Mustangs.