Steve Turner
Former Editor, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
August 1, 2001
Photos By: Michael Johnson

Step By Step

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P109371_large Ford_Mustang Front_Passenger_Side_Launch
You could not rule out Elias Delatorre to take home all the marbles at his home track. Even though the track announcers couldn’t get his name right, Delatorre would run in the 7s every round except his third-round bye run. In the final, John Gullet did beat him out of the hole, but Delatorre’s Paxton Novi 3000-powered SN-95 would take the win with a 7.97 to an 8.11.
P109383_large Ford_Mustang Front_Driver_Side_Launch
We keep waiting for John Gullet to run an insane number, but he always seems to have too much power for the track. At Moroso, 8.0s were the norm, but not enough to trailer Delatorre.
P109384_large Ford_Mustang Driver_Side_View
Dennis Ramsey made the trip from Tampa, Florida, and went all the way to the third round where he met up against John Gullet. Ramsey would run his weekend-best 8.37 at 164, but Gullet’s 8.15 at 170 mph was just a little too much.
P109385_large Ford_Mustang Passenger_Side_Burnout
From nearby Margate, Florida, Brandon Switzer figured to have an upper hand on the competition. However, Dennis Ramsey would step up and knock Switzer out of the running.
P109386_large Ford_Mustang Driver_Side_Launch
As with every other race the Unlimited Performance driver attended, Willie Figueroa put on his own power display. In the final, when Ronnie Wilson turned on the red light at the line, Figueroa cruised to an 8.72 at 163 mph, even turn-ing on the hazard lights at half-track.
P109386_large Ford_Mustang_Foxbody Passenger_Side_Launch
The Keens didn’t have their best year in 1999. Hitting the wall at Bradenton to open the year was just the start of a learning-curve type of year. At Moroso, Gullet would end Jimmy’s day even though Keen would make a quicker pass. Gullet simply had a better reaction time and Keen was unable to catch up. With any luck, the year 2000 will bring the Keens better luck and a new paint job.
P109388_large Ford_Mustang Engine_Bay
Steeda showed up with some of its heavy-hitting machinery, including the “red car,” a 530hp ’96 GT, which made several mid-11-second exhibition runs.
P109389_large 1988_Ford_Mustang Rear_Launch_View
We loved the way Ronnie Wilson’s ’88 coupe launched off the line, but he red-lit in the final round when he tried to get the jump on Figueroa.

The idea of being in South Florida for a weekend of Mustang drag racing is enough to get most Ford nuts blood flowing pretty quickly-partly for the drag racing and partly for the beautiful weather. Well, we would have to wait for the beautiful weather because of Hurricane Irene dumping almost a foot of rain on South Florida, and what was scheduled to be a weekend event turned out to be just a one-day squeeze play to give the track another day to dry out. We still don't know how it went so smoothly, but the weather was chamber-of-commerce spectacular, and the lack of any oil-downs kept things rollin' throughout the day, all the way to the finals.

The fact that several Pro 5.0/Super Street racers are from Florida meant the competition in Unlimited 5.0 was going to be intense, even though there would only be a 12-car field. In the Street Outlaw class, the story was much the same. There was only one non-Florida racer to make it into eliminations, and that was Doug Bowles of Ashboro, North Carolina, in his Incon twin-turbo'd '88 GT. However, he would not be treated to a warm welcome in the first round by Terrance Whalen in his 408-powered '86 Mustang. The '99 Ford Power Festival at Moroso Motorsports Park in West Palm Beach, Florida, combined sunny, blue skies with fierce competition, cool Ford show cars, and enough parts in the swap meet area to build your own Mustang-all packed into one day. 5.0