James Lawrence
January 1, 2000
Contributers: James Lawrence, Scott Killen Photos By: Scott Killen

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P76330_large Ford_Mustang_NMRA Front_ViewP76331_large Ford_Mustang_NMRA Rear_End_View
Jimbo “Red Hot” Summers is coming on strong late in the Super Street season. Although so far winless, Summers has aided his cause by a recent switch to the Vortech XX-Trim Mondo and FP Performance SEFI8LO fuel-injection software.
P76332_large Ford_Mustang_NMRA Front_Wheelie_View
Tommy Z went back to a smaller turbo at St. Louis. Tommy owns TRZ Suspension, so you know his car leaves perfectly.
P76333_large Ford_Mustang_NMRA Wheelie_View
Frustration mounted for the Keens. They’ve got the fastest Super Street car in the field at almost every event, but luck has not gone their way in eliminations.
P76334_large Ford_Mustang_NMRA Rear_Wheelie_View
Gary Rohe swapped over to ladder bars and fixed his sick launch. Rohe continued his EZ-Street win-streak with consistent 8.90s.
P76335_large Ford_Mustang_NMRA Passenger_Side_View
Jimmy Keen
P76336_large Ford_Mustang_Foxbody Driver_Side_View
At St. Louis, Super Street Summers buried Pappas off the line.
P76337_large Ford_Mustang_Foxbody Custom_Hood_View
Junior Ibanez rebuilt his coupe to be competitive in the Super Street ranks. Note the bigger 29x10.5-W meats and cowl hood to clear the Vortech Mondo-Cooler. He made an OK showing at Maple Grove, but told the 5.0 staff he is expecting low 8s soon out of the 304ci bullet.
P76338_large Ford_Mustang_Foxbody Wheelie_Bar_View
Check out the winner of the Super Street Maple Grove race! Familiar to 5.0 Shootout fans should be the blue LX of Jim and Anthony Briante. Eeking out a win over Glidden put a stamp on the Briante’s first Hot Rod win, coming from their new 400ci, Nitrous Express-fogged powerplant.

Billy Glidden debuted his newly purchased black GT at the Maple Grove (Reading, Pennsylvania) Hot Rod Power Festival, where he was Runner-Up in Super Street. As you should remember, Glidden licked the wall at the St. Louis event because of a suspension failure. Purchased from John Bennett, with a chassis from Alan Dudley and Glidden’s 370ci, five-speed, nitrous combination, the new “bad-in-black GT” responded with a series of 8.0s. Believe it or not, this machine has since gone 7.90s. With such an improved chassis, featuring a state-of-the-art four-link and chrome-moly cage, Glidden will be tough at Memphis.