Rob Kinnan
Rob Kinnan Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
June 19, 2019
Contributers: Rob Kinnan

After the wet and gloomy first few days of the 2019 Power Tour, we woke up to perfect, sunny weather on June 11 for the drive from Bristol, TN to Kentucky Speedway in Sparta, KY. Which was good, because that was some of the most scenic drives we encountered on this year's Tour, with winding roads and highways through the picturesque hills of Tennessee.

That day I was riding with Courtney Barber and her new friend Brittany Bozeman (who we met at the Mustang's 55th celebration in Charlotte in April) in her '78 Disco Bronco. Avoiding the traffic backup in Kentucky, we made a few diversions off the route, which led to some tiny backwoods roads that were prettier than the route by a lot. Once at the track, the single-file line (with a few "cutters" that were "disciplined" by Courtney!) was horrendous, making for an hour-long crawl into the track's infield. But once inside, the joint was hoppin' with a huge show, an autocross, and a busy vendor midway.

Check out the photos of the cars on the road and in the show, and stay tuned for tomorrow's photo expose on the trip to Indianapolis Raceway Park, then to Fort Wayne, IN and finally on to Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, OH for the finale of the 2019 Hot Rod Power Tour.


FAQs and more information about the 25th anniversary event.

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