Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
October 18, 2018

There’s no denying the fact that Fox Mustangs are on fire right now. From high-end auctions to Craigslist, Fox cars are in high demand. History is repeating itself with guys who were in high school during the Fox heyday wanting to relive their formidable years. That has made the Fox Mustang extremely popular at the moment.

One show that is helping to fuel the Fox fire is the now-annual Foxtoberfest, which takes place at Intimidators Stadium in Kannapolis, North Carolina. Now several years in, the show has hosted more and more Fox cars each year. For Foxtoberfest 2018, promoters were hopeful to have 500 Foxes at the show. As of this writing, we’re still waiting on a final number, but until we bring you a complete wrap, here’s a gallery of all the Fox cars we saw this year.

Photo Gallery

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