Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
October 17, 2018
Photos By: Michael Johnson

It is often said that wheels make the car, and that is never been truer as it is with the Fox Mustang. Over the years we’ve honestly seen it all. From gold plated wire wheels and OE Mustang wheels from SN95 and later five-lug setups to some really expensive custom three-piece forged wheels. There’s a design for every budget and build style, that’s for sure.

As we walked the show field at the 2018 Foxtoberfest we got to see firsthand just how a set of wheels can really make a car. With camera in hand we captured all of the wheels on the show field that were not stock for the time period (1979-1993). So you won’t see any 10-holes, turbines, or Pony wheels here. What you will see is SN95 and New Edge OE wheels, as they are popular for five-lug conversions, along with replica wheels, and of course the obligatory Weld Draglites on the more race oriented rides. There’s something for everyone in these photos, that’s for sure. So take a look, as we’re sure you’ve been thinking there’s something that will look good on your Fox and our images will help validate those thoughts!

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