Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
October 17, 2018

No matter how nice or fast our Mustang becomes, it’s never truly “done.” Even when we have reached a point that we are happy with where our Mustang is build-wise, there’s still work that can be done to it. We can still fine-tune its drivability, perfect its fit-and-finish, or tweak something inside to make for a more comfortable ride. There always subtle changes and improvements we can make, even though our Mustang is definitely “done.”

However, at the most recent Foxtoberfest we saw many Fox Mustangs under construction. These are cars that the owners are lovingly bringing back to life one segment at a time. They work on replacing key components to make the car more fun to drive and more reliable, all while working on the car’s interior and exterior to make them look like new.

We tend to highlight those cars that are perfect, but this gallery highlights those Mustang owners still improving their cars. And yes, we know Tim Foreman is done with his Fox Mustang, but he mastered the “Under Construction” look so much that we chose it for the lead photo.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have to go work on our Mustang.

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