Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
September 7, 2018

Mustang Week has become a driving event, and unfortunately, many have taken that aspect a little too far. To allow Mustang enthusiasts to legally blow off a little steam, North Myrtle Beach Drag Strip hosts the UPR Test-N-Tune on Thursday. This Mustang Week venue presents an opportunity for attendees to run their cars down the track in a controlled setting, and also set up grudge runs against their friends.

Last year was the first time the Test-N-Tune took place at North Myrtle Beach Drag Strip, and the crowd seemed to overwhelm the facilities. However, this year the track was ready for the onslaught of Mustang fans, and everything ran way smoother as a result. The track went hot at 10am, and the action was non-stop the rest of the day. The track staff was super-friendly and accommodating, and a good time was had by all.

Next year we’re bringing our own Mustang for the Test-N-Tune.

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