Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
September 4, 2018

No doubt walking the rows and rows of Mustangs at a show is an enjoyable afternoon for us. We love taking in each Mustang and seeing what the owner has done to personalize their Pony and make it truly their own. Some prefer power, while others prefer looks (the appearance of power you could say), and still others it’s all about getting low and the right set of wheels. Whatever your stance may be (pun intended) there’s certainly a million different ways to make your Mustang a unique machine unto its own and finding ideas for such mods is never more than the next car show away.

Hitting Mustang Week’s first official day’s event, the Meet ‘n’ Greet at Myrtle Beach’s Broadway at the Beech, is a perfect example. Be sure to bring your camera or camera phone (these days) and be ready to snap a lot of photos of all the mods you see. An even better idea—chat up the owners to find out where they picked up that carbon fiber splitter or how they made that custom stainless mesh grille, etc. You know us Mustang owners absolutely love to talk about our cars at length and will easily provide details on every mod on their car.

For this gallery we focused on front end mods, as we know a Mustang is not truly modded until you’ve done something unique to the front end. From GT500 nose swaps to splitters, custom grilles, body color paint details, and more, you’ll see it all at Mustang Week and we’re happy to oblige with some great ideas for your Mustang, be it a Fox, SN95, New Edge, S197, or the latest S550. Take a look and start modding!

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