Rob Kinnan
Brand Manager, Mustang Monthly
June 2, 2018

In 1968 Ford Motor Company introduced its intermediate line with a new body and new styling and in so doing came a new subseries in the Fairlane line—the Torino. The Fairlane name continued to be used for more economical models and the Torino was considered a sub-series to the Fairlane during this same time. In 1971, the Fairlane name was dropped altogether and all Ford intermediates were branded with the Torino badge. This name, by the way, was one of several originally proposed for what we now know as the Mustang. The Torino also has a Mercury variant in the Mercury Montego line.

The Torino ran from 1968 to 1976 and also had a great racing history in NASCAR with the Torino Talladega and the Torino King Cobra, both of which are very collectible today. The Torino also has had its share of the limelight in pop culture, with appearances in the Starsky & Hutch TV series and movie as well as the Clint Eastwood "Gran Torino" movie and in the 2009 edition of the Fast & Furious.

Torino-based race cars, Starsky & Hutch rides, and more are here in Carlisle. But it’s not just the cars: the display includes merchandise, memorabilia, and other unique pieces of Torino history.

They share space in Carlisle’s Building T with Cobra Jets (also celebrating 50 years), a few Bullitt Mustangs, and a gang of Focuses (Foci?).

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