Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
May 10, 2018

While we never claimed to have pockets deep enough to be able to actually bid on something at an auction, they’re still worth the entry price to walk around and check out all the cool rides up for sale at a Barrett-Jackson auction. Not to mention there are a boat load of vendors on site as well so you can pick up that sweet Mustang camp shirt, hat, or other accessory. Of course there’s even a few things for the significant other of yours to check out too (my wife has been known to pick up a piece of jewelry or some apparel at a Barrett-Jackson auction).

If you couldn’t make the 16th annual Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach (Florida) auction earlier this year we got you! We hit the show on Friday and did our best to hunt down every Blue Oval machine we could get in front of our camera, even ones driving to and from the auction block! We even snapped a few photos of vendor cars too. Enjoy the view and if you ever get the chance to hit up a Barrett-Jackson auction you should do it, at least once! Bucket list item for sure!

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