Evan J. Smith
May 30, 2018

The Mustang hobby is full of innovation, customization and personalization. And nothing drives the point home like a specialized vanity plate. Whether you’re into horsepower, suspension, wheels and tires, a body kit, graphics, wraps and/or custom paint, a vanity plate adds a fun touch to your pony.

Vanity plates have been around for decades and are available in all 50 states, including the District of Columbia. As of 2007, there were roughly 9.7 million vanity plates in North America. In addition, some states offer motorists themed tags, which help support your favorite team, school, hobby or special cause.

For example, Florida offers over 100 specialty license plates with themed artwork for pro and college sports teams, military branches, and there are dozens of miscellaneous plates including Autism Awareness, NASCAR, golf, and Fallen Law Enforcement Officers to name a few.

Due to space constraints, vanity plates limit you to between five and eight characters (depending on your state), so part of the fun, or challenge, lies in finding a combination of letters and/or numbers to create your message. We’ve seen clever catch phrases, vehicle model descriptions and basic plates, too, like someone’s name. Some plates are self-explanatory with an easy-to-figure-out meaning, while others read like a riddle. Plate meaning is amazingly diverse, and Mustang owners have come up with some creative examples.

No matter the message, vanity plates have always intrigued us, and we’re spent time compiling out file full of cool ones. We’re sure you’ll love our gallery of over 150 plates so scroll through, check them out, and you may just find your own car in there.

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