Kendra Sommer
April 2, 2018
Photos By: Roger Eber

You might be surprised to find out amidst all the snow banks and road salt Green Bay, Wisconsin has a thriving car community. This community is evident by the large turn out at Green Bay’s indoor show, N.E.W Motorama.

The Fourth Annual N.E.W Motorama was held just blocks away from Lambeau Field at the Brown County Arena. The three-day weekend event included a replica Batmobile, George Barris signed Trans Am, and a Mustang Exhibit. In the center of the show was a daily "The Motorama Pinstripe Jam" that included Ryan Evans from History Channel's Counting Cars, Fat Daddy, Rob Churchill, and various other artist from around the country. The different artists would pinstripe or airbrush an item daily to auctioned off for cancer research.

This 1965 Black Coupe won Best In Show for Mustangs at the NEW Motorama 2018. Owner Ron Kahler tells us he purchased this pony car to tear up the track. Kahler switched out the stock 289 for a heavily modified 351 Windsor engine. The total restoration took nearly 20 years.

The pony cars in attendance at the Green Bay show varied from fully restored to a work in progress. Herb Stewart was proud to show off his 1969 Shelby Mustang that his father gave to him. Stewart is still currently restoring his father's Shelby but he did win the "Running On Empty Award." The Running On Empty Award was something N.E.W Motorama promoter, Rick Paulick, created to give unfinished classic projects a chance to participate at his event.

You'll get blown away by this rare 1985 Twister II. This ‘85 was part of Ford Motor Company's limited run. Ford only made 90 during this limited production with 76 of them hatchbacks. Owner Dave Gilbertson tells us his unrestored Twister II is one of two hatchbacks that had an automatic transmission.

The Mustang Exhibit was presented by N.E.W Stangs, a local Mustang club that had 9 Mustangs on display at the Green Bay show. The Northeast Wisconsin club has 72 members in their group. Included in the N.E.W Stangs Exhibit was "Cruise For A Cause," which is an active club campaign raises money to find breast cancer and prostate cancer research.

The Northeastern Wisconsin Motorama Show concluded with an awards ceremony and trophy presentation. Ron Kahler and his 1965 fully restored black coupe walked away with the Best In Show for Mustangs category.

N.E.W Stangs presents a corral of Mustangs in every color.
This 2016 Roush Warrior Limited Edition is number 42 of 45 made.