Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
December 4, 2017
Photos By: Courtesy Of The NMRA, Brian Hogan

Another NMRA season has come to an end. Every year it seems Bradenton’s Spring Break Shootout opener is barely over, and before you know it, the World Finals are upon us. In the blink of an eye, a racing season comes and goes, with new racers, new champions, and new records. Most NMRA seasons start out with warm temps for the Spring Break Shootout at Bradenton Motorsports Park, and finishes out with boost weather at Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Brian Devilbiss used the time between races to revamp his Shelby GT500 for Street Outlaw. The Devil’s Reject spent time at Henry Fryfogle’s HFR Fabrication for a 25.3 chassis upgrade, while Bruce Mullins added new paint to the Larry Jeffers Race Cars carbon front end and doors. Under that new front end is an MPR-built race engine with a ProFormance Racing Transmissions’ Turbo 400 and a Coan Engineering billet aluminum bolt-together torque converter. Brian’s Shelby uses a Precision Turbo GEN2 Pro Mod 94mm single turbo, and PTP Racing’s Patrick Barnhill and Jason Lee make sure the tune is spot on. Unfortunately, Brian had the misfortune of being lined up against John Urist in the 1st round, and even though Brian had a quicker time, John had a slightly quicker reaction time to take the round win.

Every racer hopes to get out of the NMRA gate with a fast start at Bradenton, and carry that momentum all year to solidify a championship at Bowling Green. Sometimes that strategy works, but other times, mechanical attrition takes its toll, and those issues can last a season before being resolved. That means, a season is down the drain, and the racer has to wait until Bradenton to start all over again.

Nate Stymiest had an up and down year in Coyote Stock. He missed the first two races and qualified 19th at the rain-shortened Maple Grove race. Since that race was postponed, and finished at National Trail Raceway, Nate was able to rebound and win that race, and make it to the semi-final round for the Columbus race before losing to his brother Shane. At Joliet, Nate made it to the semi-final round again before dropping that round to Drew Lyons. He then lost to his brother Shane again at the World Finals. All in all, for making it to 4 of the 6 NMRA races, Nate finished sixth in points for 2017. Nate says he’ll probably keep the same schedule for 2018, and try to improve in that sixth place finish. Nate credits his brother Shane, Charlie Booze, JWC Performance, SST Performance, Ram clutches, G-Force, and Strange Engineering.

However, if everything goes right, the hope is to come into Bowling Green with either an insurmountable points lead, or to at least be in contention for a championship. Either way, the NMRA All-Ford World Finals is a battle to the finish. Every racer puts it on the line to finish strong, regardless of their points position. For those reasons, and the fact that racers are willing to blow up their junk since it is the last race of the year, the NMRA World Finals is a must-attend race.

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