Steve Temple
August 14, 2017

While northern Nevada is known for its mother lode of gold and silver, precious metal of another sort rolls into Reno every year for Hot August Nights. It’s one of the world’s largest gatherings of ’72 and earlier vehicles. Primo collections of cars gather at all of the major casino resorts and surrounding venues, about two dozen locations in all, and showcase spectacular rides, cruises, auctions, and entertainment.

To call it simply a “show” hardly does it justice, since the entire city becomes one humongous collection of cool vehicles of all years, makes and models, from rods to classics to character cars. But for this particular feature, we focused our lenses on all the Mustangs that made the scene.

Hot August Nights has been rated as America’s #1 Outdoor Event, drawing spectacular cars from all over the country. What’s the attraction? Visitors echo a familiar refrain: “Just keep on giving us the good ol’ days where we can all escape the current craziness and return to some of the happiest times in our history.” And through the magic of Hot August Nights they are able to recapture those wonderful days and times.

Besides the spectacular scenery, both the mechanical type and in the surrounding Sierras, there’s the amazing diversity of venues, since every major resort casino in town offers a place to party while showing off your ride. Participants can also take in dozens of concerts at no charge, and dance with an “Earth Angel” at the prom. Thousands of classic car buffs and nostalgia enthusiasts boogie the night away, bringing back bygone eras at outdoor venues.

More than 6,000 classic vehicles motor through the streets and take part in events such as main-street cruises, Show-n-Shines, swap meets, drifting, and more. Displaying everything from classics to kustoms, rods to muscle cars, restos to restomods, along with swap meets and nostalgic automobilia, you name it, you can find it at Hot August Nights. It shows off so much automotive innovation and creativity, that Mustang fans find all sorts of ideas and examples for their own projects. So enjoy our choice selection of these sizzlin' rides.

Hot August Nights

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