Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
May 7, 2017

Mother Nature is sometimes unkind. It rains when we plan to go to the beach, and it’s sunny when we have to work. It also rains when we want to race, which was the story here at Maple Grove Raceway for the NMRA Ford Motorsport Nationals. Try as they might, the NMRA couldn’t beat Mother Nature this weekend. The NMRA crew worked hard to make it happen, drying the track several times, just for it to start raining again. With more rain Sunday morning, the NMRA pulled the plug, and will finish the event at the NMRA Super Nationals June 8-11 at National Trail Raceway, just outside of Columbus, Ohio.

Details are still being ironed out how the race will be finished up at the Super Nationals, but as soon as we know a firm plan, you will know, as well. Until then, we have some more photographic highlights for your viewing pleasure.

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