Justin Fivella
May 2, 2017
Photos By: Stephen Brooks

Although the last Fox-body rolled off the assembly line nearly 25 years ago, you wouldn’t know it, based on how many nice Foxes were on hand at the 2017 Fabulous Fords Forever show. As with the rest of the platforms on display at the show, the best of the best and the rarest of the rare were on display in the Fox-body sections; like plenty of genuine Saleens, SVOs, rare-colored aero-nosed cars and plenty of heavily, yet tastefully, modified examples for Fox fans of varying tastes. We’re talking from stockers to rockers, convertibles to LXs, and drag racers to corner carvers.

One example that was heavily represented this year was a slew of Saleen Fox-bodies of all years, styles and colors. “I have never seen so many Saleen Fox-bodies in one place, I mean we’re talking four-eyed cars, LX cars, convertibles, SSCs, I couldn’t believe it,” said Alex Larson, an avid Mustang enthusiast.

Another trend this year was a move to more modular swaps than we could have ever imagined, with Terminator engines leading the charge.

“There were so many nice Termi-swapped cars it’s not even funny; some had stock blowers and bolt-on’s while others had built motors and bigger superchargers, it definitely seemed to be the trend this year,” Larson added.

This doesn’t mean everyone ditched their conventional SBFs, but it’s gotten to the point where you can no longer assume the Fox cruising in the lane next to you is rocking a stock motor, instead, it could be a stroker or even a modular—it’s anyone’s guess at this point. But no matter what source of motivation you choose for your Fox, we’re just happy to see the modern classics kept alive thanks to the strong support of the aftermarket industry and the unwavering dedication of their owners—lets keep this trend up! After all, if you ask us, the Fox-body is only going to get more popular with time. Long live the Fox!

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