Justin Fivella
May 2, 2017
Photos By: Stephen Brooks

Now that the S550 has been on the market for over two years it’s popularity has skyrocketed thanks to an ever-increasing aftermarket and the long awaited specialty cars like the Shelby and Roush examples, along with the GT350 and GT350R that extend the line beyond the standard GT, EcoBoost and V6-powered examples.

This year at the 2017 Fabulous Fords Forever show at the Knott’s Berry Farm we were greeted to a lot of nice S550s that spanned from lightly modified to all-out builds with built motors, big boost, nice rims, custom paint, an aftermarket wrap, and in some cases, plenty of exterior add-on’s from different bumpers and spoilers to the wild widebody kits.

While some might find it hard to believe that some of the most heavily modified examples were 2017 models, if you know anything about the SoCal Mustang scene, you can never modify your car quickly enough—it’s a continual race of the latest and greatest. This would explain why regardless of the engine of choice, we found heavily modified examples. From 800whp supercharged VooDoos and Coyotes to turned-up EcoBoosts and some modified V6s, it was nice to see everyone’s take on the perfect Mustang.

With nearly 1,100 Mustangs on hand at the Knott’s show, it was easy to get lost in the sea of Stangs, but one look to the S550 area packed full of flash and awe, and it was easy to see there’s a new era of Mustangs upon us. While we personally would have liked to have seen more hardcore drag racing and road racing examples, there’s something also to be said for all of the well-modded examples that had big power, big wheels, big looks and big stereos to boot. This isn’t to say that the S550 is any less capable than its predecessors, a look to the aftermarket disproves that notion, but rather, the new definition of a modded Mustang is well rounded and capable on all fronts.

Only time will tell how the S550 will evolve within the Mustang community, but if you ask us, it’s off to a solid start.

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