Amie Williams Associate Online Editor
December 1, 2016

While many people up north were winterizing vehicles and getting them ready for hibernation, one of the biggest car events in the south kicked off its 43rd annual Thanksgiving tradition – the Turkey Rod Run. Held every year in the middle of the track at Daytona International Speedway, hundreds of vehicles rumbled through those famous NASCAR tunnels for the Thanksgiving weekend event.

It’s a mixed bag of pretty much everything, and we were there to seek out some of the Mustangs in attendance. And like every year, there were no shortage of ponies, ranging from untouched classics to modified modern muscle; some of which, were looking for a new home. Also, the manufacturer’s midway had a little bit of something for everyone from clothes to garage signs, and of course, discounted car parts. Hopefully, you didn’t forget to grab a funnel cake.

The four-day event inside of the Speedway is one event you don’t want to miss; one of the best parts of the show begins when the official show ends. After each day, the tradition is to leave the track and head toward the Daytona Beach strip. With the sun about to set in the rearview mirror, cars head east towards the beach and turn left on A1A, with plenty of bystanders lined up along the road watching and cheering as everyone cruises by. Everyone is headed to the same place, the Bellair Plaza. Let’s call it the show-after-show.

There is a constant shuffle of cars coming in and out of the plaza, so there’s no guarantee of seeing the same thing twice. It’s here you can grab a cold beverage, mingle with your friends, and check out the influx of Mustangs and every other car under the sun that filters through.

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