Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
November 1, 2016

The Shelby GT350 remains the hot Mustang. McLeod Industries knows that, and at SEMA had its RXT HD Shelby GT350 clutch at the show. McLeod tells us its GT350 clutch is the same weight as the factory clutch, but in a single mass flywheel application, not a dual mass like the factory clutch. It is a twin-disc clutch using twin ceramic clutches, and it comes in a RXT and RXT HD application. The RXT is capable of supporting 1,000 horsepower, while the RXT HD handles 1,200 horsepower. The most important aspect of the GT350 RXT and RXT HD clutch is that it’s balanced as an assembly, and with the GT350’s flat-plane crank Voodoo engine, that is a big plus.

Of course, McLeod had all of its clutches set-up in its booth, including the standard RST, RXT, and RXT HD options for Mustang owners. The RST and RXT line of clutches are hugely popular in the Mustang market, and many of you have one in your Mustang.