Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
November 1, 2016

It seems we can’t have too many supercharger options when it comes to our Mustangs. Case in point, at SEMA ProCharger introduced what it calls the P-1x and D-1x superchargers. Over and above the company’s P-1SC and P-1SC-II superchargers, the P-1x uses a high-efficiency impeller worth 18-25 more horsepower over the P-1SC supercharger. Those numbers are with the same pulley and same boost as the P-1SC offerings. The D-1x fits into the same category as the P-1x with a similar boost in horsepower. The P-1x is designed to fit in between the P-1SC and the D-1SC, while the D-1x fits between the D-1SC and ProCharger’s F-1 line of superchargers.

ProCharger used Jeff Scofield’s GT350 to prototype its P-1SC line of supercharger systems for the latest and greatest Mustang. The P-1SC-II supercharger presents a 175-horsepower gain over a stock GT350. In addition to the ProCharger under the hood, Jeff’s GT350 also features many underhood upgrades from JLT Performance.
ProCharger’s P-1x supercharger features a high-efficiency impeller, and like all ProCharger superchargers, it’s a billet piece. At the same boost level, the P-1x makes 18-25 more horsepower when compared to the P-1SC superchargers.