Henry De Los Santos
Mustang360 Network Content Director
October 3, 2016
Photos By: Peter Linney

The Beach Cities Mustang Club puts on a premier Mustang show in Southern California and recently moved their event over to The Pike area near Rainbow Harbor in the city of Long Beach. Remember the Mustangs at the Queen Mary show? This is the same event, only its been moved for added growth and now called Ponies at the Pike. And with this year’s event come and gone, BCMC proved once again that this was the place to be for all Mustang enthusiasts.

While our gallery is focusing on all of the late-model rides we came across, we were also checking out the vintage Mustangs for our sister brand at Mustang Monthly; you can look over that gallery by clicking here. Big thanks go out to Jon Schultz and his team for putting on one outstanding event, and be sure to head over to bcmc.net for additional club info, including upcoming show dates that you won’t want to miss.

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