Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
October 20, 2016

In just a few short years Foxtoberfest, the brain child of Fox Mustang Restoration’s Matt Highley, has outgrown its original location of his shop’s parking lot. As the car count continues to grow each year since that inaugural event in 2011 in the parking lot it was time for a change of venue that could easily fit 300 or more Fox Mustangs and Fox-based Fords. For 2016’s 6th annual event the show used the Kannapolis Intimidators stadium parking lot, allowing plenty of room for the show attendees, vendors, trailer parking, and most importantly, future expansion. It’s a good thing the event was relocated, as for 2016 a new record was made with 382 Fox Mustangs/Fords in attendance! Perhaps that record will fall again next year? Will we see over 400 Foxes in one spot for 2017?

Matt and the crew at Fox Mustang Restoration, along with the club members from Southeastern Fox Bodies (headed up by Troy Raby) work hard to put on the show for the Fox faithful and it really shows. From the popular vote ballot style judging to the all-Fox awards and raffle items, the show continues to be a huge hit with attendees. If you own a Fox you owe it to yourself to bring your ride to this show next year. The excuse that your car isn’t a show car, or needs new upholstery or paint won’t keep you from the Foxtoberfest show field either! All manner and condition of Fox Fords are welcomed with open arms. Drag cars, road race cars, chromed out show rides, low mile originals, and even in-progress builds and cars with, shall we say, “patina” to them are found gracing the show field every year. Keep tabs on and come on out to the 2017 show on Saturday October 17th, 2017; you won’t regret it!

On Friday before the show Fox Mustang Restoration held a used parts “yard sale” at their shop. It was a great way to pick up serviceable parts for a Fox Mustang restoration or project.
With hundreds of Fox Mustangs in attendance you were certain to spot a Mustang color, body style, or trim package that you’d like. There was everything a Fox fan could want; LX, GT, SVT Cobra, Pace Car, Feature Car, 7-Up car, 5.0L, V-6, 2.3L-four (and a few Coyote swaps).
Fox Mustang Restoration had a huge tent at the event with all manner of Fox parts. Big sellers included weatherstrip kits, door moldings, headlights, and apparel.
2016 Foxtoberfest Class Winners

Best in Show: Scott Hartrick
-1979-1986 Original: Jason Smith, 1985 GT
-1979-1986 Modified: Rob Hall, 1984 (modded to look like a 1986)
-1987-1993 Original: Doug Phillips, 1993 NC SHP SSP
-1987-1993 Modified: Shane Galloway, 1991 mini-tub Coyote swap
-SEFB Club Choice: Patrick Pinkerton

On Sunday Matt opened the doors of Fox Mustang Restoration once again where he offered assistance to any Fox owners with repair tips and free diagnostic help. Here Matt is explaining how resistance in the gauge cluster can affect gauge readings.
A Fox owner that showed up with drivability issues was amazed (as were we) to see several vacuum leaks revealed with Matt’s smoke machine, which pumps smoke into the engine and shows where leaks are. This particular Mustang’s issue was the throttle-body vapor hose coupler, and Thermactor air solenoids on the rear of the right strut tower.