Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
August 26, 2016

There are many reasons to attend a drag race. You have the cars, the smells, the people, and the main part…fast cars. One of the main aspects that continue to draw crowds to drag racing events, it’s to see cars launch with front wheels in the air. If a car doesn’t pull the wheels out of the hole, it doesn’t grab as much attention compared to a car that carries the wheels for a hundred feet or so. Yeah, we know, too much of a wheelie negatively impacts elapsed times, but we don’t care, we want to see wheels-up action, and we want to see it the moment we step in the gate.

During the NMRA season we see plenty of wheels-up action. NMRA racers are always a good source of wheels-up photos, as evidenced by this little gallery of photos. From Open Comp, to Factory Stock, to Renegade, to Cobra Jets, and to one of our favorite classes, Coyote Stock, NMRA racers put it all on the line to get to the next round, or capture an event win.

NMRA racers use a diverse selection of tire choices, from slicks to drag radials, to make the best use of the starting line. Furthermore, some of these cars use a stick, while others are using an automatic with a high stall converter to get the engine in the appropriate powerband, or boost level. Either way, when traction meets high horsepower, wheels-up launches are the result. Enjoy!

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