Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
July 21, 2016

When you think of most burnout contests, the car sits still while the owner burns ‘em down. That’s great, but the SVTPerformance.com Burnout Contest, held at Myrtle Beach Speedway as part of the BFGoodrich Track Day, is way more than that. This isn’t your dad’s burnout contest. Contestants are challenged to use the whole front stretch in order to please the crowd. And you better not just slowly smoke the tires, either. The people want to see donuts and drifting mixed in with their burnout action. As is usually the case, the SVTPerformance.com Burnout Contest was another huge success.

After a disappointing finish in last year’s Burnout Contest, Khion K was back this year to redeem himself. With a Navigator engine between the fenders, Khion pleased the crowd enough to take the crown.
Khion won over the crowd by going from end to end, and blowing out the tires on his New Edge Mustang. Oh well, the prize for winning is a new set of tires.
The Burnout Contest’s reigning champ Thomas Jarrell came back in 2016 to defend his crown. Though, he definitely put on a show for the crowd, it wasn’t enough to repeat as champ.
We’re sure Thomas’ Lightning will be visiting Pro Dyno very soon for mechanical upgrades and repairs after the truck got a little hot under the collar during the contest.
We would’ve thought Lamar Albritton’s 1965 Mustang was going to look a little better this year. However, it’s basically unchanged from last year from an exterior perspective. Lamar did better this year than in 2015, but the win escaped him yet again.
Christian Johnson started off the burnout contest in his New Edge Mustang. He obviously cares a little bit about the car’s paint, as you can see by the addition of painter’s tape to protect the quarter panels should the inevitable happen. For most of the competitors, the rear tires didn’t make it through to the end of the contest, but isn’t that what a burnout contest is all about?!
This just in, needing a push to get your Mustang off the track is not the best way to end a burnout contest. This coupe suffered from a 1-wheel peel, and then perhaps catastrophic engine damage.
If you’re looking to do well in a burnout contest, let this picture sink in a minute. When people can barely see your Mustang, you’re doing it right.
We’re really surprised Jonathan Nerren didn’t get more of a positive response from the Mustang Week, but he received no love at all when it came to voting time. He went from end to end in this S197 Roush, which is usually the recipe for success. However, it seems the 2016 crowd was a little picky about what constitutes a winning burnout.

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