Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
July 25, 2016

Mustang Week has become a brand. It’s an event enthusiast’s plan for year after year. People work on their Mustangs all year just to have them ready for Mustang Week. It’s a vacation destination for Mustang enthusiasts and their families. This year the event celebrated its 15th year. Just like the last couple years, Mustang Week’s Mike Clay, Palmetto Ford’s Tony Barron, and Bullitt Auto Detail’s Ken Mahlschnee.

The overall design of the Mustang Week cars has become a competition, of sorts, between Mike and Tony. They each come up with designs to see which car sells quicker. For the 2016 Mustang Week cars, Tony’s car has already sold, while Mike’s design is still waiting on a buyer.

Mustang Week’s Mike Clay designed the silver GT with red stripes, while Tony designed the two-tone blue and silver model. For Mike’s silver model, he used Latemodel Restoration’s (LMR) upper and lower California Special grilles, SVE springs, and SVE Series III wheels wrapped in Nitto NT555 G2 treads.
Under the hood you’ll find a JLT Performance engine cover, along with Redline hood struts, also from JLT. In asking Mike Clay why the lack of performance mods, he wanted to keep the car’s warranty intact. However, what you choose to do with your Mustang Week Mustang is up to you.

We bet you want to know how you can buy a Mustang Week Edition. It’s simple really, Tony is a salesman at Palmetto Ford in Charleston, South Carolina. Tony can be reached at 843.343.7997, or via email at tonybarron343@gmail.com. Tony has been at Palmetto Ford for over 23 years, and he’s truly a Mustang enthusiast. “Even at a very young age, I knew I wanted to do something with cars,” Tony says. His parents got him into cars, and the rest is history.

Now, you can own a 2016 Mustang Week 15th Anniversary Mustang. Give Tony a call, and make one yours.

For Tony’s part, and the two-tone design, “It just came to my head,” he said. Tony wanted to do something different for the 15th Anniversary. “I wanted to keep some of the DNA,” he added. The exhaust for each car is from Magnaflow, while various emblems and badges came from Autobadges.
Paris Lue designed the 15th Anniversary logo for Mustang Week representatives, and Katskinz implemented it into the seats.
Bullitt Auto’s Ken Mahlschnee also carried out each car’s graphics on a Maisto die-cast model. Mike Clay tells us the die-cast is not available separately.

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