Mark Houlahan
Tech Editor, Mustang Monthly
July 21, 2016

The Fox Mustang is classic, literally, as they are all now over 20 years old, which is the minimum age in just about any state in the U.S. to obtain a classic/vintage/antique type of license plate. We wholeheartedly feel the Fox Mustang is responsible for the great performance aftermarket we all enjoy now on the newer Mustangs. The Fox got a lot of companies into late-model EFI performance, which is why we enjoy the vast aftermarket support that we do today. The Fox is old enough now that the aftermarket has come full circle with restoration parts to keep these beloved Foxes running like new. Generally, a Fox Mustang sighting is a rarity on the roads today, but when you’re at Mustang Week they’re everywhere. If you’re a Fox fan you HAVE to come out to Mustang Week and see all of these great Fox Mustangs for yourself, but for now, we can satisfy your Fox appetite with this great photo gallery.

Photo Gallery

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