Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
July 20, 2016

We mentioned in our Meet and Greet coverage that there are scads of mini-meets during the week. Tuesday night everyone gathered at The Beaver Bar in Murrells Inlet, south of Myrtle Beach. The Beaver Bar looks to be a regular for the locals, but during Mustang Week, the friendly bar is taken over by Mustang enthusiasts. For Tuesday night’s meet, there were easily over 100 Mustangs in attendance. Yes, some shenanigans did take place, but you can’t put that many Mustang people in the same place and not expect for some stuff to go down. Check out what we saw at The Beaver Bar.

The Beaver Bar meet wasn’t supposed to start until 6PM. However, we’ve learned at these meets that if you don’t get there early you won’t get a good parking spot. By the time we arrived, which was shortly after 6, the parking lot was already at capacity.
UPR Products’ Steve Gelles had his 2015 Mustang GT at The Beaver Bar, and it has recently undergone some performance and cosmetic upgrades. First, his GT was one of the initial cars to receive one of Holley’s new Sniper intake for Coyote engines.
With the Holley intake, an Airaid cold air, a cat-delete pipe, and a Lund tune the car made 440-rwhp. Steve’s flex fuel burner also wears a DPC Performance Graphix custom wrap to represent his strong pride for this great country of ours. Steve is a veteran, and he wanted a wrap to help drive home that point. His GT also wears Velgen wheels, UPR toe and vertical links, Eibach Pro-Kit springs, and Juggernaut camber plates.

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