Michael Johnson
Technical Editor
July 25, 2016

Depending on your point of view, Mustang Week’s final day is either full of relief that it’s over, or the crushing blow of heading back to reality. If you worked the event, you’re probably relieved, ready to sit down and take a break. If you’re strictly a Mustang enthusiast, you’re probably sad it’s over, and already looking forward to next year. You can put us square on the fence. We worked it, sweated profusely, and drank water every chance we could. We’re tired, sunburnt, and ready to sit down for a while. However, we’re also a little bummed it’s over, and we can’t wait for Mustang Week 2017. We’re looking forward to another 15 years, and beyond.

Malorie Woods from Memphis, Tennessee brought her 2013 GT to Mustang Week to join in on the festivities. She built the engine using components sourced from East Coast Mustangs in Greenville, South Carolina. Malorie sprayed the car for four years, running a best of 10.63, but after the engine build and on low boost from an On3 Performance twin turbocharger system she also installed, she ran a 9.95 at 148 mph.
“The stock tranny is getting a little notchy,” Malorie says, but she has another transmission if the stock one lets go. Malorie says she might go to Memphis Motorsports Park next weekend to do some testing, and plans to make the Mod Nationals at Memphis in September. She’s hoping to crack off some 9.60s.
We’ve admired Anthony McDaniel’s Fox ‘vert for quite a few years now, but at Mustang Week we noticed he has really stepped up his game. Our Dream Auto Museum and Restoration in Mooresville, North Carolina did a Coyote-swap with a ProCharger D-1SC supercharger, a Boss intake, and much more. His ride is super clean, and very impressive in person.
The Pro Dyno guys might be in the category of people looking forward to sitting down and taking a break. They were busy Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with cars on the dyno all day, every day. Every time we visited the Pro Dyno area, it was packed with enthusiasts looking to hear a Mustang at full song.

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